Sagy Group

Sagy is an innovator on the financial scene and rapidly becoming an indispensable partner for medium to large organizations and institutions.

Established 1n 1985 to address a long-neglected need-the auditing of bank charges- Sagy has created a new and growing market niche.Sagy employs over 30 experienced professionals, among them economists, bankers, accountants and financial consultants, who have developed not any specialized expertise, but also unique software that provides highly accurate and reliable verification of bank charges.Mission statement: to improve financially our clients condition through Reduction of their financial costs, Interest calculations and bank overcharges refunds.

Among our service:

– Reduction of financial costs

– Bank interest refunding services

– Interest and fees calculations and special financial consulting

Proven success

Since its founding, Sagy has helped countless companies reclaim significant sums, obtaining over 900 million dollars in refunds or benefits for its clients, through equitable agreements with their banks.


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Sagy Group
84 Ben-ztvi Rd. , Tel aviv 68104, Israel
Tel: 03-6816027/8
Fax: 03-6816029
E-mail: sagyinfo@sagy.co.il
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